When by deep meditation and by wisdom-guided, unflinching, never discouraged determination we can successfully keep our volition revolving around all our noble desires, then our will becomes one with divine will.

~Paramahansa Yogananda

Volition is a choice or decision that we initiate. Without it we would not be able to act at all. We make decisions in our lives based on our cravings and desires consciously and unconsciously everyday. Without assertively conducting our minds to become aware of the conclusions we make, we will effect our ability to harness our volition, and as a result it will decline.

To develop will power is to open ourselves up to limitless possibilities. By consciously exercising our will power, we enable our capability of the impossible. Utilizing the will does not mean to cause stress or mental strain but to create a steady flow of attention toward a particular goal. Physical and mental development can begin to intertwine and work together to produce a strong will.

If will is not guided by wisdom it is termed blind. If will is resistant it is termed obstinate. If our senses go ungoverned, the end result can be tragic. When we become addicted to a sense within ourselves we give up the opportunity to attune our free will with God. Thinking will opens the door to understanding what it means to be blind to our will. Misguided however, it can soon return to its original state of redundant blind behavior. If it is used for good the outcome will lead to success. If it is used poorly, it will weaken and fall short of developing a close relationship with the Universe.

Creating a way for fulfillment through favorable circumstances means to be able to have a strong will. The will is involved in even the slightest movements of our bodies and in thinking. To be tempted is to be human. Our desire to feed or focus on temporary pleasures in life is our infallible ability to distract our souls from owning and aligning the power of our will with God. To speak with God first, before a decision is made, is to take immediate action with the will and build a trusting relationship with our highest consciousness.

It is valuable to know that if our minds are restless we will not be able to be completely present to receive the guidance that is available to us. To reach out to God is to do so in any way, shape or form that you may need to at the time through prayer and or meditation, knowing that a clear mind will accommodate the most powerful results. Disappointment and discouragement will attempt to interfere with your communication from time to time, but do not become disheartened. With strong determination anyone can receive a response. Possibilities are endless however, a lazy mentality will not afford the answers a determined mind can rein in.

Being weak of will is due to lack of character training. As human beings we have a rational desire to fulfill our nature by pursuing our welfare, but we too have desires that have no concern for our greater good. Although knowledge of what is best is still present, our desires for pleasure can supersede our desire to make sensible decisions. A person of strong will is one who is persistent in choices made regardless of their difficulties through self motivation.

To strengthen our will we must learn to trust in the symbolism and faith that surrounds us daily. It is not easy to take risks but if we share these risks with a friend it becomes more manageable. Faith works in the same manner in that it can be borrowed from others to support our own. Listening to the messages around you in your daily life will guide you. Believing in divine will and the inimitable benefit of connecting with your highest power is like holding the key that will open the door to finding your inner truth and following your soul path intuitively.

Human will can be very successful in discovery but divine will has no boundaries. By choosing to tune my free will with God, I am choosing to make decisions in my life that will help me ascertain the greatest outcome in every circumstance. My intuition will become stronger, and my intentions more pure. The decisions I make will be decisions that I can be proud of without remorse because I know that God’s will is working in everything. To align with the wisdom-guided will of our creation, is to move mountains and change destiny.


Artwork | Jade Leyva | References | Weakness of the Will | Justin Gosling | SRF | Paramahansa Yogananda | Faith and Will | Julia Cameron


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