Crack in my heart
I feel a break begin
A start to fall apart
Not yet these things

I am so happy
In this newfound place
This grace
I am not ready

Though I have known
You yes for years
My soul cries out
How long it’s been
That I have known you

In this length of time
Yes our souls have
Known the other
I have at many times
Even called on you
As brother

Now I cry when I
Am happy
Not tears of joy
But tears of pain
Remind me of the rain
Of which I love

Play with me
And mine old memories
In a sandbox
For all time
Which to consider
Every feeling of sublime
Fluttered forgiveness

As my heart wants not
In-two be broken
It craves only
That which heals
Out the unspoken

Still unreal
Has cause such thinking
When connection
Meets with sinking ships
Emotional equality that drips
Away, it melts and frays

As plucked each thread
Bright colors dead
Beholds the canvas of our painting
Torn to shreds
With the passion of a feather
Quill once bled

Upon the pavement
Of our wings
In the bread of our concern
Here lies instead my
Heart’s forgiveness
As gifts the benefit misled

Exonerate this feast
At table and at seat
And for the sake
If not our friendship
At least for every
Other that would glean

If not to grow
Then why to bend so
In the end?
If not to bend so
One cannot mend
Such cracks
My friend


Artwork | Naresh Kurella


2 thoughts on “Crack In My Heart

  1. This reminds me of the last conversation I had with a late friend of mine. We spoke about everything and anything….Then 3 days he passed. But, I’m glad I met him in the first place and “gave my flowers while he was alive”
    Good piece.

    • Thank you for your words and taking the time to share Nezra. I am truly sorry for your loss. Knowing that the ones that cross over are forever always with us has been a remarkable piece in this journey I continue to embrace called life. Many Blessings…

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