Spider Spirit Animal

Spiders gifts include – creativity and weavers of fate, balance between past and future, physical and spirit, male and female. Spider is strength and gentleness combined, they awaken creative sensibilities, they are the keepers of the primordial alphabet and can teach you how to write creatively. Their bodies are shaped like the number 8 and they have 8 legs, symbolising infinite possibilities of creation. The 8 legs represent the 4 winds of change and the 4 directions of the medicine wheel.

Many stories exist about Grandmother Spider, the weaver. That she carried on her back the gift of fire in a basket. The basket was woven by her and she presented it to the People. Another story tells that her web bound all things together and formed the foundation of earth. These legends link the spider to the past and the future, birth and creation. When the spider enters our awareness, it is asking us to rebuild the web of our life in accordance with the design the Creator gave us.

Divination with Spiders is still practiced in the former Inca Empire in Peru. The seer takes the lid off of a jar in which the fortune telling spider is kept. If anyone of its legs are straight, this is an evil omen. Spiders are sometimes symbols of the soul or are among those creatures which conduct souls. The peoples of Siberia and the Altai in Central Asia, particularly regard the Spider as a soul freed from the body. The Montagnards of southern Vietnam regard the Spider as a shape taken by the soul when it leaves the body during sleep, hence, to kill a Spider is to risk killing the sleeper.

Most people when cleaning the home get rid of spider webs, thinking they are dirty. A child witnessing a spider spin her web, may be mesmerised by the fragile, magical home it is weaving. Of course the web is the same but the eyes of the beholder view it in very different ways. Moving forward with a gentle strength, whatever the situation, is a skill that often needs to be learned by those with this power animal.

Spirit Spider

Spider, Spider, Spider
Spinner, Weaver, Guider
What is woven with extreme
Frailest of all houses
Illusory and deceptive

You spin a miracle
A glowing spherical
Concealing the great plan of
Reminding us of God
Composing fabrics of the world
As creation

A cosmic inventor
Sun, Moon, Stars, Equator
Dancing in the maze you loom
Spiritual leader
Sound communicator
You can hear all nature playing
Light pulsating

Stargazing foreteller
Fate of future dweller
Divination is your key
Soul light conductor
Between two worlds of Human life
And Divine life

Your thread is like a chain
Umbilical cord train
Golden ladder to climb high
Brilliant footsteps slide
Joining Heaven and Earth
Reminding us of Cosmic Birth
We are all one

Deliverance and change
Prepare us to arrange
As our authenticity
In gift of power
We must learn how to use
Infinite possibilities
Engaging us

Mesmerizing magic
Bridges become tragic
If the earthquakes of our lives
Lose all respect for
The lessons of learning
Kismet is the fire burning
We must beware

Our fragile human state
May not find time to wait
As you dangle from your thread
For the gifts that we have
Keep us from mirroring your swing
God bless our lives

The infinite is now
Your presence showing how
To be aware that each step
May be occurring
In a dangerous way
Looking into your net I see

My fingers are your legs
To you I make a pledge
My eternal plan engaging
Soul self vibrating
Embrace the Universe
Know life is not a curse
Weaving the version of myself
At best will be

Spider, Spider, Spider
Spider, Spider, Spider
Spinner, Weaver, Guider
What is woven with extreme
Weave a prayer upon your web
For us to see


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