Giraffe Spirit Animal

People who have the Giraffe as a power animal often know what will happen in the future. They have clairvoyant abilities. Giraffe people should be aware when speaking- be sure not to say too much or on the other hand, too little. The giraffe’s vulnerability when lowering its head to drink, is a reminder to us that if we lose sight of our greater vision and consciousness and sink into a mundane way of life, we risk losing our spiritual connection.

Giraffes legs are firmly planted on the earth, but their heads are in the sky, serving as a link between the higher and lower worlds. Their flexible necks let them see what is behind, next to and in front of them. This gives them the ability to know the future and understand the past whilst moving with the present moment. We are taught how to increase our perceptions by viewing life from all angles. When we look up, sideways, forwards, and down, the past, present and future is made known. This symbolises balance and the capability to progress. Giraffe can bring clear sight as a powerful ally to you.

Giraffe helps us explain the expression ‘to stick one’s neck out.’ When we take risks by going further than we ever imagined possible, we find worlds of possibility. Although the head of the giraffe seems dainty, it has 3 horns giving it the ability to deal a nasty blow. One of its horns is a bit obscured, hidden under the skin just above its eyes. This location is similar to that of the third eye in man and reminds us to honour our visionary abilities. A wonderful power animal to have in ones life, the Giraffe is a bearer of many gifts.

Spirit Giraffe

Some parts of me are weak
Some parts of me are strong
Some parts of you are short
Some parts of you are long
Instruct us how to see above
With love I pray before
Our Earthly lives are gone
Open up close minded doors

You came to me in my dreams
I watched as humans had you tied
By your legs to move from room to room
At length this time went by and by
Though we were trying to help you
We were hurting you too
I wanted nothing more
Than to get to the other side
To untie you to give you back your stride
Your magnificent breathtaking light
As when you stand and when you humbly
Bow to sleep in prayerful pride
Before it was too late
Unsure of this sad state
Trapped behind this lucid mental
Glass drawn gate

Stones flew this way and that
As your bodies swayed
Like sleeping sunflowers
Your heads out of balance
You needed to stand
I waited with you as they began
Transferring you into your
New space where you would be free
Free in your gait to finally see
Above everything
As your eyes teach in me
The future we seek
The power to be

I remember your tongue
As a small child you flung
It around with saliva to eat
The wonderful gifts I would bring
I knew I could wait here
I knew you could feel me
I pushed through the glass
With my heart beating fast
Warm, healing beats of love
As Below So Above
Just as you are in both
Heaven and Earth
Just as you are wise
From your moment of birth

You are our psychic Mother and Father
Foresight unravels our disdain
When our life becomes harder
Reminding us we are stronger
Than what our minds think
Your powerful blow, one kick alone
If you must show with graceful ease
In one blink sends even the King
Of the great jungle to his knees

As humans we often walk as one
Traveling in crowds but so unaware
We try to get out and around one another
With strange looks, elbow jabs and mean glares
We miss the togetherness under the celestial sphere
We miss the supportive fellowship that you share

As I am waiting for you
There are only two of you left to move
I knew that I could not leave you
If anything I would nurse you
To keep you and feed you
I watched as I saw you as small calfs
Still restrained by human staff
I saw in a vision your Mothers stand by
From where and just how they appeared
It was unclear I could not decide
I had not seen them before
God arrested my fears
The gate keepers never came back
Laying down you were resting
Tired, exhausted out forth you cried
We are your children
We are still tied

Your mothers became
Giant Black Owls
A peaceful refrain of sleeping eyes
Glowing and beaming you turned
Into the same
Your bodies transformed
Like a butterfly would
Black feathers of peace
Comforting understood
Oh, what glory to behold
Your magical ability
To conjure and contort

As is within an hour from being born
You can rise and run free
It is so natural to see that your soul
Could grow wings within moments
Spread your legs now you’re soaring

We’re flying on earth
Touching the ground
With the wind we are
Touching your sky
Your head is my clouds
Touch my heart, Touch my soul
As we ride as we glide
In the sun we are whole
Kiai! Hi-yah!, Aiyah!


Photo | Giraffes | fourwallsonly.com

Listen to Giraffes | http://youtu.be/Yau8TzgRBuI

References | http://www.shamanicjourney.com/article/6035/giraffe-power-animal-symbol-of-grounded-vision-farsightedness


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