by Terry Eugene ‘Geino’ Tree Äotsch
[Äotsch pronounced like Watch]

I have had many names
Throughout my life so far
Sir Terrance Oakleyhead was one
Some thought it was bizarre
Then there was Terry Ferry
But I didn’t pick that name
Of course not,
Its derogatory ring was pretty lame
Some people called me faggot
Some people called me gay
Some people called me Eugene
But not many anyway
Of course I have heard cousin
And I liked Bro Bro when
I heard it called across the room
By my brother Benjamin
One person calls me Larry
Some call me Sweetheart too
I’ve heard a lot of Buddies
And way too many a ‘Hey You’s’
Others have called me Love
Even Babe I’ve heard from some
Some people called me Goth
But that was back in ninety-one
My first name is just Terry
Not Terrance or Thèrriey
My middle is Eugene
But I like Geino as you see
One person called me Georgio
That was an accident
She was drunk and didn’t know me
And then out the door she went
My last name growing up
Was Oakes ’cause of my dad
But one day he disowned me
Just because I made him mad
I added on a last name
In the year two thousand when
Before my name was Oakes
It was Äotsch off to begin
In eighteen and eleven
Our last name disappeared
I guess it was too foreign
For Americana ears
So naturally I dropped the Oakes
And changed it to a Tree
Cause Terry Tree sounds so much
More like something I would be
I like the Äotsch it’s cool
So I keep it at the end
That makes up five names total
With Geino nicknamed in
So now I am The Terry Tree
And Geino Äotsch as well
I thought that you should know
Just in case you send me mail
Some people call me Terry
Some people call me Geino
If you want to call me one name
You can call me Terry Geino
I’ve even heard bambino
I like them all the same
Just don’t call me Harry
It’s my girlfriend’s fathers name

Poetry & Artwork | tHE tERRY tREE


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