Baboon Spirit Animal

Baboons are primates that live with their family members in a close knit community. They groom, care for and protect their young in much the same ways humans do. Baboons are noisy and aggressive when provoked, especially the males. Some scientists believe that humans emerged from early primates because of physical similarities. But science does not understand the human soul as a separate creative miracle that is different from apes.

If Baboon is your ally, pay attention to your natural instinct to express your emotions and fight for what you believe in. Are you the type of person who hides their true feelings from others? Baboons don’t think twice about making a real racket when they are agitated or upset. The Baboon and Mandrill are your perfect teachers. She teaches you that your emotional needs for love and people who care about you are as important as developing your mind and succeeding in life. He wants you to understand that crying is natural. Stand up for yourself, stand up for your friends. There is no need to exaggerate or get too out of control in order to use protective force. Speak up with respect when you need something from others. Now is the time to learn how to tap into the internal force from within you that will no longer stand for negative behaviors towards yourself or anyone else.

Spirit Baboon

Like an ancient hymn
Dug out of a grave
Every soldier every knave
I call your thunder
From your cave
Arise and stand with me

We will not be a puppet to
The tragedy of life
We will not glorify our troubled pain
Creating more in hateful gain
In light I render you to bring
What rage tornados rings can sing
I beckon you protect the lame
Hear my voice warrior
I call your name
Baboon! I shout

Monsoon of rain
The drumbeat pounds your name
Your power now aflame
I echo out Mandrill
Your spirit coat of steel
You need no armor here
Join forces heed my will

Foraging from heavens gate
African, World Wide Primate
Protective forces
Elevate and conjure
Up to concur without
Spring forth blessed restraint

On scales in weight
You wear the heart of the deceased
In judgement for the dead
Ride with me
Screeching at daybreak
Bare your fangs
Sacred Guardian
Defend our families!
Scribe with me
Beside the Fiery Lake

Understanding age-old mystery
Returning Zion’s history
Vessel to great power
Gods and Goddesses of strength
Will shower out
Suns and Moons of many days
Primeval length
Brought forth to save

Remain with me
From every limb of tree
On land, in sky and sea
Occupy, advance, surrendering
Our shining wisdom
An opening for passage through
All living souls that seek the truth
In love we band together now
Baboon! We shout

Protective hand insight
Bear hardship in this fight
Prevail with dancing light
Friendship is forged in you
No more will blackness rule
With tears we cleanse the cruel
No more the blood of fools

Our destiny exists with cause
Great graciousness, not battered flaws
And all resounds in world wide heat
Of lullabying cradled gifts and beats
The drumming of our hearts, so sweet

Pounding in onement old and young
A humming peacefulness is sung
By children of all ages
Our innocence has finally won
Found tucked in gentle beds of earth
Now safe we rest from death to birth


Photo | Mandrill Baboon Snarling | Artist Unknown

Listen to Baboons : http://www.soundboard.com/sb/Baboon_sounds

References : http://www.egyptianmyths.net/baboon.htm | http://totemtalk.ning.com/group/b/forum/topics/baboon-1 | http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/baboons.htm


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