How deftly her hair doth wave
Standing just atop her grave
A place that she has leaned to crave
Within the death of herself
Before she has gone

We write this song together
Her heart and I
We make love into the sky
I am the part of her
That does not want to say good bye
I am the damaged child inside

I am her bride
I groom her soul
I sweat with her as we behold
Because the web she weaves
Is both strenuous and gold
I will not allow our bitter length
That glitters strength
To caress a death so morbid
While she is still alive

A distance that mirrors anything but
The vibrant glow she hides within
Covered by her loss
Shielded by her self love walls
Important memories wander aimlessly
As she waxes and she wanes away
From her co-rememberer
I will teach her how to stay
I will teach her how to play
Once more

I am her heart
I am your heart
We are one heart
One breath in love
A love IV for blood
Remember me
You are not alone

I am the spirit that beats within
The part of you that you cannot see
I will be here when you wake
I will be here when you sleep
I will be here for all time
And for always your soul to keep

I am you
I am she
I am her
I am we

I am inside of you
Every moment
Exactly when you need
I will remind you why you’re here
And give you what you need to breathe

Close your eyes and quietly
Listen to your heartbeat sing
All the tears that grief and heartache bring
With every hiss and every scream
Feel my kiss upon your back
In places where if you will search
You’ll find two wings like tiny birds
Two tiny scratches
Giving birth upon your back
Growing, Stemming, Stretching, Amplifying
Every plume of love you lack

As you become your power feather by feather
Petal by petal you flower
Second by second, minute by minute,
Hour by hour, day by day, year by year
Casting away what every fear, disgust and pain display
As if a gallery was somehow put in place
Of this sacred loving bleeding space
Within you where I dwell
Yes in your heart
A curator has been hired and we will sell
The paintings of your memories of misery
Within our most delicate and precious human part
The inside of you that is me
Within your heart
I am your heart
And as I speak
Everything weak
Will fall away
Landslides of gray

Listen, listen
Listen, listen
to my beat
The treasure in your chest
The pearl in your shell
The water in your well

Wings like fists prepare to fight
Increasing your device for flight
From out behind your shoulders shed
The weight of a thousand years of death
For you to spread your span of feathered light
And fly away from agony into the night

The Terry Tree

Artwork | Artist Unknown


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