How great it is to be at home! Take time to enjoy the comfort and gentleness of your home where you feel good and secure. It is in this safe harbor that you create for yourself where you can dream at leisure of the improvements you want to bring to your cosy little nest for the sake of your family’s well being. You may also want to go through a closet you haven’t touched in awhile to take stock of what you have in your possession to clear your mind, unless you prefer to dive in the nostalgia of your souvenirs and your photo albums… If you are in a more active mood, you can utilize this energy to clean up the house from floor to ceiling to show respect for your happy home and stir a gratefulness in your heart for what you have. Or maybe you would like to try to implement your lovely ideas for new placement of your things or rearrangement of your treasures in a new way. Let the atmosphere be nice and, let your experience bring you a deep feeling of inner peace. Share this experience with your family, friends, pets and loved ones. Place a special amount of love into everything you do while you are in your unique place walking through your home inviting positive energy to stay with you, requiring negative energy to leave. This is the home that you share with those that will respect and love it in the same way that you do. How great it is to share your space with yourself and your loved ones. How wonderful it is to be at home!

Terry Tree

Painting | Teepee Silhouette Sunset | Sherry Hunter


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