Learning: In the act of learning, the mind and the heart must be equal participants. Society traditionally looks at learning as acquiring knowledge of facts and ideas. But while knowledge of the mind is undeniably important, it is of little ultimate value without corresponding knowledge of the heart. The angels view learning as acquiring understanding of ourselves and others. As we learn about our patterns of behavior, the reasons we do the things that we do, and as we try to become more willing to understand why others act the way they do, we become more in control of our lives. We graduate from being creatures of habit to mature individuals for whom all experiences become a source of learning and an impetus for change. In so doing, our mistakes become our successes and we acquire true wisdom- knowledge born of compassion, strengthened through awareness, and applied for growth. If a particular difficulty in your life has caused you to turn to this meditation, what could you learn from this difficulty? View the difficulty as a gift from the angels, an ideal chance to learn more about yourself, asking why you are in the situation, and how you may be able to solve your problem through understanding and altering key behavior patterns. Daily Meditation: All experiences that are given to me are valuable opportunities for learning and change. ~ Terry Lynn Taylor & Mary Beth Crain

Painting | Untitled (Brown/Pink Surfer) | Oil on Mylar on Wood Light Box | Norton Wisdom


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