Charisma: Charisma is a natural trait. The word charisma comes from the Greek word kharisma, which means divine gift. When we refer to someone as having charisma, we notice that they draw loving attention from others. They can master a group with exceptional ability and secure devotion in people. You may think that only certain people are fortunate enough to be born with charisma, but charisma is inherent in all of us. Each of us has a divine gift, and charisma comes naturally when we share our divine gifts with love in our hearts. Charisma means that we inspire enthusiasm in others, and this can happen only when we truly love what we are doing. Have you identified your own divine gifts. If not, now is a perfect time with the angels in your consciousness to do so. Have you ever enjoyed a time of attracting positive attention and admiration from others? Think about why and how it happened. Like any good thing, charisma requires balance in body, mind and spirit, so be careful with your divine gifts; use discernment in where and how you give them. Define what you are willing to give freely. Daily Meditation: I know that my soul is charismatic. My life will shine with love when I share my divine gifts with the world. ~Terry Lynn Taylor & Mary Beth Crain


Painting | Marc Chagall | The Blue Violinist (1947)

Marc Chagall

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