Many of us are very worried about Mother Earth.  Could our pollution and manipulations of the forces of nature really mean the end of our planet?  Or do we give ourselves too much credit and power, as if we could control the destiny of an entire planet?  The angels have a secret for us: they know that Mother Earth could evict us all at any time if she wanted to.  Can it be that deep down we understand this and are perhaps more worried about what will happen to us, rather than what will happen to Mother Earth?  In shopping for Mother Earth’s tombstone, we waste whatever valuable energy we have for improving her life.   We get caught up in the doomsday game instead of honoring and beautifying our own lives and respecting the lives with which we come in contact.  Respect the fact that natural resources have to be replenished and not misused.  Be wise in your actions concerning her love, her beauty- much of which is born out of destruction- and strive for inner peace, a specialty of the angels.  This will do more to save Mother Earth than all the bumper stickers you could buy.

Geino Äotsch

How could you join forces with the angels to save the humans?  Begin concentrating on bringing the consciousness of peace and harmony into your daily life and actions, and let God take care of Mother Earth’s ultimate destiny.  

Daily Meditation:  I know that developing inner peace is the first and most important step toward achieving peace on earth.

Text   ~Terry Lynn Taylor & Mary Beth Crain

Artwork | Ink & Colored Pencil | Geino Äotsch

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