Behind you: It is good to know what is behind you. The best way to find out what is behind us is to take a good look. Our shadows are behind us. Our shadows follow us around wherever we go; They are a natural part of our being in the flesh. The shadow can cause us problems when we decide that it is bad and we are good- in other words when we try to split off from our shadow self. We all want to assure ourselves that we are really and truly good and would never think of causing harm to another. Yet the possibility of causing harm to another is ever present in each human, and when we recognize it and accept it, then we are able to choose not to act it out. Know what is behind you. Imagine that your guardian angel is always behind you to guide you with full awareness in each situation you encounter. Put the past behind you, but don’t deny it. Accept your shadow and let it follow you. Daily Meditation: With the angels as my guides I can face what is behind me, (and move forward with the light that casts new shadows.) 

Shadows of the soul

Shadows of the soul

Photo | Shadows of the soul | oo-rein-oo

Text |  ~Terry Lynn Taylor & Mary Beth Crain with The Terry Tree

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