Electric lightening is our love
Mountain of fire from above
Rocket of wisdom from below
Selfless devotion overflow

Meet me in the echo of our middle
In the lifeboat of our dreams

Love Above Below Overflow

The mystical explosion of love
The sky cries tears of joy from above
Explosions of light from below
Maximum crush flame overflow

Chase the rhythm that leads you to me
Follow the sound of us

Love Above Below Overflow

Darkness will take cover from our love
Magic cannot cast what we enchant above
Miracles dance in our honor below
The ultimate magnetic overflow

Find me in the reflection of our cosmic mirror
Listen as the heavens ring

Love Above Below Overflow

In the beginning and the end of our love
Walking, racing, we are like shooting stars above
There is no boundary between or below
Instant spark connection overflow

Weave your way through spellbound lightening webs
I am floating in the center of our

Love Above Below Overflow


Image | Digital Photo Blend | The Terry Tree


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